Frequently Asked Questions

Mariem Q&A

What is your motto?
Mariem wants to honor movement and carrying a busy lifestyle with elegance by focusing on good-looking flats and (in the future) kitten heels. We want your favorites to be available always because we believe in your classic style.
Mariem would like to be part of the deceleration of fashion, as well as fair and local manufacturing of footwear.

What season does your collection cover?
Mariem's collections will be appropriate for spring, summer, and fall. Winter also, if you live close to the equator. 

What materials do you use?
The footwear uppers are mostly leather and fabric but the insole is built with anti-microbial memory-style foam. Styles are always leather lined.

The outsole is leather but we add rubber in specific places to avoid slippage.

What do you mean by focusing on basics and classics?
about basics - Mariem is the place to find great dark and light colored footwear in the black and white family. Beside those two basics, each year we will include a different color combination and/or surface pattern. 

about classics- We offer our current and past collections because we are equipped to do so but most importantly because we want to prove timelesness of design.

Where do I buy Mariem?
Right here at This is our official shop. The ideal is for our clients to buy directly from us but we know the importance of seeing the product in person. We seek out specific retail spaces (only the ones we are really love) to have a partnership with. The website has updated information about the stores carrying our brand under 'Sockist'. 

Will stockist carry archive collections as well?
Ordering from archive is a web exclusive only. However, we are looking forward to doing special projects and collaborations with stores that carry our brand.

Is MMBOH a store also? 
Yes. MM back of house will be our fun/social store. We are going to push some boundaries with our projects and collaborate. We will be selling in small batches and one of a kind. Projects will be annual or biannual depending on their complexity.