Sizing and Fit


We offer American sizes from 6 to 10.5 in normal width.

If we currently do not have the size you are looking for, please contact us. If we have enough demand for a certain size, we will make the necessary arrangements to include it.


All styles run true to size.
If you tend to be in between sizes, we recommend ordering the smaller size. For example, if you own 8 and 8.5 shoes, we recommend ordering the 8.

You can also print out the Mariem Fit Guideline to confirm your size.

---It is REALLY important that you print this document without any scaling or shrinkage. Make sure your print settings do not say 'Fit to Page'. The right setting is 'Do not Scale' or any equivalent.---

We try to make the ordering process as easy and successful as possible. Unfortunately, since this is an approximate guideline we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. Please see our Return Policy before ordering.

Note about the construction

Leather sole shoes tend to be rigid at the beginning, therefore, there will be an initial break-in period. Leather becomes supple and shapes to your form with usage.

The rubber in front will avoid slippage while walking and/or sliding off your bike pedals. 

Custom Last Service

Lasts are the wooden or plastic foot forms that are used to create shoes. The closer the dimensions of the last are to your own feet, the better the shoes will fit. In some cases, footwear is uncomfortable because it was built on a last that doesn't meet your individual shape, form, and needs.

If you are very serious about investing in your comfort and love our footwear, we can create a last using your specific measurements. This last will fit only you and we can build your future orders on it.

Please Contact Us for any further information.