• Care and Vectra 16

  • We want you to enjoy our footwear, in good condition, for as long as possible.

    Here are a few ways to keep your shoes at their best:

    1. Buy a spray protector. If you get the white or light colored shoes, this tiny investment will help maintain the brightness of your shoes.

    Our favorite brand—the one we use in the studio while handling all leather and fabric—is Vectra 16. We offer a 7oz spray bottle that can easily be added to your order.*

    2. Don't wear the same shoes every day. All shoes need a day between uses to allow natural foot perspiration to dry out completely.

    3. Try not to get them soaking wet. If they do, make sure to let them air dry completely before wearing again.

    4. Clean your feet, specially your soles, right before wearing your shoes.

    5. As time goes on, the rubber cap on the heel will eventually wear down. It's best to get the cap replaced at your local shoe repair so that you don't walk on the lacquered heel without the rubber layer. 


    *We can only ship this item ground within the continental US (P.R. not included). If you do not live within those boundaries, make sure to get an adequate spray protector in your local store. 


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